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 Winrock International Bangladesh Jobs 
   Consultant: Needs Assessment Report on Trafficking in Persons - Bangladesh - Bangladesh - Job 
   Finance and Administration Manager, Workforce Development for Bangladeshi Youth - Bangladesh - Job 
   M&E Specialist, Workforce Development for Bangladeshi Youth - Bangladesh - Job 
 Winrock International Belize Jobs 
   Finance & Administrative (F&A) Temporary Associate - Belize - Job 
 Winrock International Burkina Faso Jobs 
   Country Coordinator - Burkina Faso - Job 
 Winrock International Cambodia Jobs 
   Chief of Party - Cambodia Food for Progress - Cambodia - Job 
 Winrock International China Jobs 
   Chief of Party - Support to Ethnic Tibetans (SET) - China - Job 
 Winrock International Jamaica Jobs 
   Finance and Administration Manager - Jamaica - Job 
   Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - Jamaica - Job 
   Prevention and Protection Manager - Jamaica - Job 
   Project Director, Jamaica Child Protection Compact (CPC) Project - Jamaica - Job 
   Prosecution Manager - Jamaica - Job 
 Winrock International Laos Jobs 
   Cabbage Production Consultant - Laos - Job 
 Winrock International Malawi Jobs 
   Director of Scholarships and Grants - Malawi - Job 
   Workforce Development Specialist - Malawi - Job 
 Winrock International Malaysia Jobs 
   Labor Relations and Social Accountability Specialist - Malaysia - Job 
   Project Director - Malaysia - Job 
   Research, Monitoring and Learning Officer - Malaysia - Job 
 Winrock International Papua New Guinea Jobs 
   Chief of Party for Biodiversity and NRM, Papua New Guinea. - Papua New Guinea - Job 
 Winrock International Senegal Jobs 
   Chief of Party for Senegal - Senegal - Job 
   Deputy Chief of Party for Dakar-based positions - Senegal - Job 
   Fisheries Specialist for Dakar-based positions - Senegal - Job 
   Livelihoods Specialist for Dakar-based positions - Senegal - Job 
   Monitoring and Evaluation Director for Dakar-based positions - Senegal - Job 
   Value Chain Specialist for Dakar-based positions - Senegal - Job 
 Winrock International Southeast Asia Jobs 
   Operations Director - Southeast Asia - Job 
 Winrock International Tajikistan Jobs 
   Consultant, SME Assessment - Tajikistan - Job 
   Market Systems Director/DCOP - Tajikistan - Job 
 Winrock International Tanzania Jobs 
   Metering Consultant (Supply Chain) - Tanzania - Job 
   Private Finance Consultant - Tanzania - Tanzania - Job 
   Utilities Specialist - Tanzania - Job 
   Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - Tanzania - Job 
   Private Sector Liaison - Tanzania - Job 
   Project Director - Tanzania - Job 
   Training and Development Specialist - Tanzania - Job 
 Winrock International United States Jobs 
   Geospatial application developer – Ongoing Consultancy Opportunities - United States - Job 
  U.S. Based 
   Director of Cost and Pricing - United States - Job 
   Grants and Contracts Manager - United States - Job 
   Proposal Manager - United States - Job 
   REDD+ Safeguards Lead (Part Time Position) - United States - Job 
   Senior Program Officer, American Carbon Registry - United States - Job 
   Senior Strategy and Growth Advisor - United States - Job 
 Winrock International Winrock International - Arlington, VA Jobs 
   US Food Systems Consultants - Winrock International - Arlington, VA - Job 
  U.S. Based 
   New Business Associate: Clean Energy, Environment, and Water - Winrock International - Arlington, VA - Job 
 Winrock International Winrock International - Global (Consultants) Jobs 
   Consultant for Winrock International - Winrock International - Global (Consultants) - Job 
   MS Project Configuration and Consolidation Expert - Winrock International - Global (Consultants) - Job 
   Database Developer, Global/South Pacific - Winrock International - Global (Consultants) - Job 

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